You Can Earn $1K Monthly Online In
12 Months

Project 1K is a free training program by The BuildUp Academy, featuring dozens of articles and video tutorials designed to equip its students with the right skills to succeed online.

With a goal of earning a minimum of $1000 monthly in 12 months or less, we aim to set our students on the right path to creating active and passive income streams online, whiles experiencing the joy of working for themselves.

Project 1K is grouped into 3 broad stages namely;-
Stage 1 – The Options Module
Stage 2 – The Skills Buildup Module
Stage 3 – The Monetization Module

Whether you are a total beginner, intermediate or advanced, you’re sure to find very useful tips to take you a step closer to the ultimate goal.

The Options Module

With a plethora of information out there today, it’s quite difficult as a beginner to know where to start from, what options are available, genuine, and most rewarding in the long term. In this stage, we seek to enlighten you on the general trends online whiles providing our most recommended routes based on several years of experience.

Skills BuildUp Module

To achieve success in the online world it’s super important to hone in on the right skills and become the best at them. In this stage, we provide you with key articles and project-based video tutorials to help you learn and practice these skills. We also point you to amazing resources and materials that will get you to the ultimate goal even faster. With patience, hard work, and determination you will definitely get there.

Monetization Module

Great, you’ve spent a lot of time understanding what options are out there and developed the required skills. Now how do you actually start to earn?
The short answer is TRAFFIC. In this stage, we walk you through the best strategies in employing organic and paid online marketing strategies to consistently grow your channels and achieve the Project 1K ultimate goal- earn you money online the right way.

Bernard Kwarteng

I enjoyed my time at the Build Academy learning Website design and Photoshop. The tutors were very friendly and super patient with me seeing that i was a newbie at all this. Thank you Build Up!

Judith Aidoo

Build Up gave me a great learning experience with all the tools, equipment and learning materials to make learning easier. Their project-based and practical approach helped me acquire skills much faster.

Robert Amegah

The classes were so practical I was able to transfer the knowledge to my business and now I get a lot of interaction on my posts and reaching more people. I recommend Build Up to anyone looking to acquire digital skills.